Giorgos Emm. Charitakis


Born in 1953 in Athens, he is a cardiologist. In 1978, he earned a medical degree from the University of Bologna in Italy.

In 1986 he completed his Cardiology fellowship training.

From 1986 to 1988, he served as a family doctor at IKA (Social Security System), and from 1989 to 2009, he was the Deputy Director of the Olympic Aviation Diagnostic Centre.

He is a licensed aviation medical examiner (AME) (class 1 and 2).

He has been a member of the environmental movement in Greece and abroad since 1987. He is a founding member of a number of environmental organisations and actively contributes as a public speaker and in other ways.

He has appealed to UNESCO and the European Union about health issues and environmental disasters, and he writes articles about current health issues caused by environmental destruction, inadequate nutrition, and social circumstances.

He served on the editorial board of «Nature and Ecology» for a number of years, and a number of his articles have appeared in medical and other journals, as well as the daily and weekly press.

In 1992, his book «The silence of doctors» was published, in which he focuses on omissions in both the prevention and treatment fields.

His second book, “Animal Experiments? No thanks!», published in 2004, provides alternative approaches to health-related issues.

In 1994, the International Association for the Abolition of Animal Testing (IAAPEA) awarded him the European Prize for the Promotion of Alternative Animal-Free Research Methods.

From 2001 to 2012, he served as a researcher and the coordinator of a postgraduate study course for physicians at the University of the Aegean.

He has been a coach for the Heartmath Institute since 2017, and a trainer for the Heartmath Institute since 2020.